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i Am Legend

Category: By Pyromaniac

I am legend

22 December 2007

The Pavilion GSC

Syok gak layan cerita nie ngan buah hati..abislah jatuh la saham lepas nie..he he..wat pe nak sorok kan..walaupun tak tau plot cerita nie cam ner tp cerita nie layan abis apabile tgk hantu tu nak gigit org..tu part paling best..nak tau lebih lanjut..tgk sendiri

Robert Neville (Will Smith) is a brilliant scientist, but even he could not contain the terrible virus that was unstoppable, incurable...and manmade. Somehow immune, Neville is now the last human survivor in what is left of New York City...and maybe the world. But he is not alone. He is surrounded by "the Infected"--victims of the plague who have mutated into carnivorous beings who can only exist in...

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