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The Game Plan

Category: By Pyromaniac
Minggu nie aku dah plan ngan si dia nak pergi ke sunway lagoon..beria ria aku nak pergi..tiket dah beli..last entah cam ner kaki dia bengkak sebab kene isap dek pacat di FRIM Kepong tempoh hari..rasa bersalah pun ada dan jugak meroyan sebab aku dah terbayang meluncur laju mcm dugong kat sunway nanti..untuk mengubat perasaan kecewa aku..akhirnya kitaorg plan la tgk wayang walaupun dia berjalan terengsot2..akhirnya sampai la jua ke destinasi Mines..tgk la cerita The game plan...walaupun cerita tu best tapi otak aku masih lagi terbayangkan ombak di sunway tu..yay...aku malas nak bercerita pasal movies tu..copy dan paste je senang sinopsis cerita dia
Superstar quarterback and bachelor Joe Kingman (Johnson) plays for the fictitious Boston Rebels football team, who are competing for their first championship with Kingman. Joe is living a good life: he's rich, famous, and an energetic party-goer. One day, an 8-year-old girl named Peyton Kelly (Madison Pettis) shows up at his door claiming to be his daughter. She claims her mom suddenly had to leave for Africa, and presents a letter and a birth certificate as proof. Kingman and his agent are doubtful, but they decide not to run a paternity test as it may interfere with contract negotiations. Joe and Peyton continue to bond, until when having lunch with Monique (Peyton's ballet instructor), Peyton accidentally reveals that she had to return home before she was discovered missing. Peyton then confesses that she had looked for Joe without her guardian's knowledge. While Peyton is in the hospital stemming from an allergic reaction to nuts, it is discovered that Sara, Peyton's mother and Joe's ex-wife, had died in a car accident six months earlier. As a result, Peyton was left in the care of Karen, Sara's sister and Joe's ex-sister-in-law. Outside of the hospital room, Karen and Joe argued over what was the best for Peyton. Peyton had overheard Joe's agent on the phone saying that if Joe proceeds with a custody battle, his career would be at stake. Fearing that she may be interrupting his successful career, Peyton decides to return home with her aunt Karen. Distracted by Peyton's departure, Joe plays badly during the championship game and is injured by another player from the opposing team. After receiving his diagnosis, Joe suggests a fellow quarterback to take his position, and tells his coach that he cannot go back in. As he is resting in the locker room, he finds Peyton there. She asks him what he is doing just sitting in the locker room ignoring the game, and reminds him that Joe Kingman does not give up easily. Realizing the mistake he is making, Joe gets up, goes back onto the field, and gets back in the game. The Boston Rebels win the championship game, and Joe and Peyton end up living together.

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